Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Agloco hype

For quite some months Agloco team was promising release of its viewbar. Today it was finally released, after some of members were very sceptical it will ever comes out. The philosophy behind this project is simple: the need to get as many members as possible, show them banners and get the profit, share it between members.

It is free, no investment needed. You are actually selling your space on screen (same area as status Windows bar at bottom of the screen). Register, download, install, view. And get as many referrals as possible. The reason why you'll need referrals is in limited monthly time you will get paid: 5 hours of active showing on your desktop, or screen, if you want.

My plan with Agloco:

  • It is nice, because it is free, I joind 4 months ago, but I didn't want to start getting referrals untill release the viewbar.
  • I remember some 4 years ago, when first viewbars with same idea came online, Paid2surf category, all projects finished and I got no profit there. So I am rather sceptical with this one as well, but it can get you some small profit.
  • It is worth to test it.
Since the Agloco website is under heavy traffic at this time (many members downloading viewbar), make no mistake and don't pick viewbar from other sites than original!!! You can get malicious program.

If you register HERE, you'll be in my referral
(same as in other links to HYIP on this site) and I am very thankful for your trust and respect. I'll keep you guys informed on what is going on.

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