Monday, June 11, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin - scam

After waiting for today, nothing turned out to be positive for Privatefin. This time I misjudged HYIP program, it went down a way too soon. Nevertheless there were some signs this is a scam, but everything looks like technical problems. Anyway, another school for next time. I need more strict timing in here.

The situation at this moment is, that Privatefin are not giving daily profits and they are holding withdrawals. DON'T DEPOSIT IN HERE!

Possible scenarios:

  1. They will come back, paid everything, give back missed interested for 2 days. And after some days, they will disappear.
  2. They won't come back (most likely), but they will still take deposits.
  3. Third most unlikely scenario is, that they had some problems over weekend, and they'll come back and everything will turned back to normal.
Either way, I am out of here. If I will get withdrawals back, I definitely won't invest in here.


Anonymous said...

I must say, I've just withdrew $5.00 and it was automatically as always.
So maybe it's not the end yet?


Coach Thorest said...

Good for you Max. I still have pending withdrawl and additionally no daily profit for last 3 days or so. Maybe the problem is in higher amounts - I want to withdraw $125. Most likely they are playing with investors... I send email to support on Sunday, no response so far.