Saturday, June 16, 2007

Inovative approach to HYIP Monitoring - RTA Monitor

Maybe you have noticed maybe not, but I am not too excited about HYIP monitors. Mostly because they work great since they are soon in and get a lot of referrals. For themselves. I was even paying one month for the HYIP signal, the final result was negative profit, especially if I add fee I paid for signal.

RTA online investment manager and admin Max has come out with unique and innovative idea in his Monitor released just some minutes ago. He signs up incognito, so other admin will be able to connect him to his monitor. I love that. Because this is just a good way how to detect tricky scammers who some weeks before they run away with money keep on paying monitors and still have paying status on their sites.

So if you want to be sure, where you put your money (and you don't find site listed in here on my blog:) ), go and check RTA monitor - your reliable private eye!

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