Saturday, December 15, 2007

HYIP is like gaming

It has been some time ago, when I wrote that HYIP is almost all scam. And at that time I discontinued or better, my accounts were canceled an all investment programs with exception of RTA Online Investment . By the way, this site is still alive and I am very happy that I joined it almost a year ago.

Some days ago, I had a feeling, that HYIP is not bad and that with discipline it can be profitable in a way. But most of it, HYIP is adrenaline, is like a gambling, it is a game. Most of “players” are aware, that 99% of HYIP is scam and it will die sooner or later. The question is, weather you will withdraw your profit soon enough or high yield program will die and make you a loser.

So this gaming attitude is the reason number one, why I came back to the HYIP scene. I will track suspicious programs (again) and also give positive signals for HYIP that are promising. My deposits won’t be high, experiences from Privatefin are very alive – selective payments is the first thing which happen in potential scams. From my perspective I will take HYIP programs as MMORPG games, where monthly playing fees are around € 20.

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