Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Monetize your blog or buy traffic to your site with

When I was starting to write this blog I also have an intention to make some profit out of it. That money I would transfer to HYIP and other activities.

I am consistently adding links to HYIP programs with referable link, but seems many users avoid or don't like to award pages like my blog is. They sign up the into HYIP, but they know how to remove referral ID. So no profit really here.

You can also notice AdSense ads here on this blog. Well, you would laugh if I will reveal what is my total earning in here. Maybe AdSense is profitable for large traffic sites, I don't know.

Recently I joined where I am offering my blog to possible advertisers. I can't say yet if this is now the real thing, since paid reviews had this advantage: it doesn't depends on my readers, but on advertisers. Will see and if it work out, I will write about it.

So if you'll see in here some strange reviews :) those are my sponsors paying me!

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