Thursday, September 6, 2007

My HYIP portfolio in August

My profit on August was similar to that one from July. All profit was made exclusively in RTA Online Investment program, and I made 2.75% of profit from all invested money in 2007. There were better times, I agree fully. But my scepticism has been so strong, that I can not trust any program for which I am sure, it is not scam. Not much choice then, huh? And apparently there is also not much help in my blog for investors in HYIP.

Additionally also RTA has problems with e-Gold, which was quite common problem lately, as many accounts were frozen by e-Gold administration. Admin of RTA showed against great care and responsibilities for his investors and there is no doubt RTA will be back paying and accepting news deposits soon (if not already). All those problems influenced profit rate on RTA, so I hope there are much better times ahead.

Scepticism and low profits of my investments makes me rather desperate. I am searching for more stable and controllable ways of getting more profit out of Internet investment business. Something must be done in here, why there is so much scammers, I don't know. There is a good news about Privatefin scam - their page is finally dead.

As soon as I found something positive, I'll share it with you my reader.

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