Friday, November 14, 2008

Twittad - another Twitter monetizing service

In extreme situations like this is (speaking about global economic crisis) the one should start looking for an alternative ways how to get money. It is much appreciated if it is not directly connected with direct investing, but rather being paid for doing other things.
There is no doubt that microblogging was buzz this year. Is there any heavy Internet user, who didn't hear about Twitter? I guess not. And there are more possibilities how to get paid from microblogging activities. As f we talk about Twitter, I did published one opportunity in Get paid for Twitting post - but so far I made small income from that service.

From money earning perspective I see even better opportunity in Twittad. At Twittad they've added different concept comparing to what we saw so far. You do sell your background. Twittad is a place, when demand and supply meet. Twitters on one side and advertisers on other. And you, as a Twitters you can set your condition, for how much money and time you offer your background to advertiser. Interesting concept. Not only for publishers, but also for advertisers as you can put your background ad for less than $1 per month.


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Andy said...

I would have to agree with Biz Stone. In line advertising is the future of twitter ads. Not saying that the background stuff isn't useful, it is, it's just not compelling. When the in feed platforms progress, the results will be amazing.

This article mentions twittad, we think we have a much more compelling model. Here are some main points.

1. We improve the community. The core of our product is to help others. I guess you could put in on par with Google's "Do No Evil", but much more substantial.

2. Advertisers and publishers are in full control. Unlike magpie, we want our publishers to not only approve every ad that's seen in their feed, but be passionate about it. If your someone who loves starbucks, then why not show an ad about something the publisher is into. He will tell everyone how much your product or service rocks.

3. You set the price. Publishers get to set their own price, and won't be tied into any "Your tweet is worth" stuff. You could have 10,000 followers, but if all your posts are automated then no one will listen... to the ads or otherwise .

4. Causes and charity. Cause marketing is the new model for advertising. People will demand better then the run of the mill money hungry businesses that are not willing to share their fortune with other.

5. Value. I dare you to find more bang for your buck then what we offer @ adCause.

6. Acceptance. People are very accepting of our ads, because they know that at least some of that money is going to help people in the world, and community.

We're working hard on great new features daily! Don't ad ads... adCause!

Andy Arnott

Coach Thorest said...

I accepted this comments, despite it is kind of commercial, but it is linked to the topic. Actually I signed up in this adcause. I may even write a post if there will be time for that.