Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Digital photos viewing

Nowadays most of us have a digital camera and in comparison to an old cameras we have several advantages. I personally found the two most most outstanding advantages in capacity and quality.

Quality is nice thing, it means that digital pictures are in better quality than those made with an old camera. And second - capacity means that we can take enormous number of digital pictures. Well, that can be also third advantage which just came up to my mind: you can watch or print digital pictures instantly.

So we have nice (big) and quality pictures ready to be viewed. I rarely use photo printer option, since it is kind of time consuming and you've noticed through my blog posts, that time really counts. So when I am showing my pictures to others, I usually use cable and connect digital camera to the LCD TV. For quick browsing through pictures I prefer to use laptop; it is just faster and more handy, but both options I use frequently.

Viewing digital pictures with those two approaches I really can get best out of the quality part of advantage: a really high definition pictures.