Friday, December 18, 2009

End of the year, perfect time for new start

Wow. I can't believe it, I haven't write a single post on my blog since May 2009. Uf. That's really long period of time. It seems that I will become more active soonish. But let me first explain how my projects are going. Actually I will focus 100% on betting in this post, tough I was testing for last 9 months a very good Forex system.

New start
A month ago I really had some hard time in my life and still going through. Additionally my programmer who really made a great work on my betting prediction application quit working with me. So at this moment, very now, I am at a very beginning. And very alone.

Yesterday I started to post my betting pics free online again on Twitter (there is a twitter updates widget on left column of this blog). After many many months, things were re-tested and reviewed and I got something close to holly grail. How my first implementation finished I wrote in my last post: Why my betting application didn't work out well. More about my plans on Twitter signal can be found on Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter.

What is most important now is how to go on:
  • since I expanded collection of data for football matches from Premier League in England to all major leagues around the world, I am getting a lot of information much faster;
  • more data means more picks, and at the same time, there is more days available to bet;
  • soon I will start collect performance of my picks;
  • for now, all football picks will be posted on my Twitter account , this will be so called DEMO period;
  • picks will be published daily in the evening for the next day matches: example can be seen here: .
Soon I will be back and explain how to use my signal in details, for those who are already familiar with betting everything would be clear from my Twitter posts. But if you have any questions, you are more than welcome.

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Sufi M said...

That's a terrific article :D
Mind if I write a guest article for your site about Forex? Let me know!

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