Friday, September 23, 2011

Avoid scam with Marcus Evans

Those who read my blog for years now can remember, that I paid special attention to online scams. I’ve added special tag for this criminal activity which covers activites from phishing to hacking. The marcus evans scam website is fighting against business scam abuse and fraud prevention. A lot of useful information on this topic can be found there from scam prevention interest links to the latest news on scam which are frequently updated. The list of scam prevention sites also include conferences that may be of your interest. There is also a number of MARCUS EVANS EVENTS (websites) covering topis such as: fraud, scam, corruption, compliance, ethics, crime and security.

For those familiar with scams and on-line fraud this is an interesting source of getting more information on the subject. But if you are one of those Internet users who don’t know what scam means and what possible ways of on-line fraud, visiting this site is probably must.

The core idea of this conferences is to educate Internet users, especially businesses how to avoid scam, what are possible dangers and how to recognize them. Having knowledge that billions of dollars have been illegally acquired from companies and costumers with online scams is not enough to not become a victim of Internet fraud.

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