Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Web Hosting Geeks: name says it all

A web site which is online since 2004 has a lot to offer. The name web hosting geeks describes the best what this site offers. It is the most comprehensive overview of web sites which offer web hosting. And much more. Actually I was surprised how low website hosting prices are. I like when information is provided in a simple way: tables with price information and essential information on sites reviewed are transparently displayed. Web Hosting Geeks website goes even further, it offer much more than simple listing of web hosting. You can find web hosting awards, reviews and blogs.

Web hosting sounds familiar to everyone out here on Internet, but are we really aware of all traps behind? And there is also a question of security of web hosting. All those aspects are covered on Web Hosting Geeks site in blog categories section.

Reading this site I am thinking about moving my blog to some other service. Blogspot is ok, but comparing what you can get for small amount of money it really is a bargain.

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